Yogis Grill® - Mesa Fiesta
Yogis Grill® - Avondale

The original Yogis Teriyaki
(founded in 1995 in Santa Ana, California)

About Our Restaurant

Yogis Grill® is a casual dining restaurant specializing in healthy Japanese cuisine, including Teriyaki, Tempura, Sushi, vegetable dishes and an aray of delightful entrees.

The concept focuses on mid-scale casual dining sector of the market, catering to business people, families, young adults and groups. The restaurant features a one-of-a-kind Japanese contemporary lively decor package featuring bright colors, contemporary lighting, friendly and helpful staff, all to help customers have a pleasant and enjoyable dining experience. Dining area are spacious with both table and booth seatings for pleasant dining enjoyment.

Yogis Teriyaki & Grill, Inc., an Arizona Corporation, was incorporated on December 13, 2005, with business address of 1130 W. Grove Avenue, Suite 104, AZ 85210. The Corporation was formed to own and operate a Yogis Grill® Japanese Restaurant.

Yogis Grill® Franchise Management, Inc., an Arizona Corporation, was formed on June 27, 2007, for the purpose of promoting Yogis Grill® Casual Japanese Restaurant franchise.

Management Team

Members of the management team would like to say a huge "Thank You!" for the great support of our customers in the past 15 years. We are here to serve and listen to feedbacks of our customers every day to provide the best casual Japanese dining experiences.

Sung H. Na

President & Co-Founder
In 1995, Sung started Yogis Teriyaki in Santa Ana, California, and handled the day-to-day operation until 2005. This was the very first Yogis Grill® restaurant. Between 2005 and 2007, he opened another Yogis Grill® restaurent in Lake Forest, California. Sung developed most of Teriyaki dishes that are still the best-selling dishes at Yogis. He also developed the recipes of all Yogis' sauces. For more than 15 years, Sung has been steadfastly giving his hearts and minds into creating the best Teriyaki experiences for our customers.

Won B. Kyeh

Vice-President & Co-Founder
Won B. opened Yogis Teriyaki in Tustin, California, in 2003, after working at the original Yogis Teriyaki restaurant for several years. He has invested himself in formal education and trainig in essential aspects of management of restaurant business: business planning, recruitment, advertising, purchasing and accounting. In 2005, when it was decided that Yogis Grill® would expand its family business into a franchise model, Won B. led the effort in establishing Yogis Teriyaki & Grill, Inc., and Arizona Corporation.

Frank Lee

Secretary & Co-Founder
Frank opened a Yogis Grill® restaurant in Costa Mesa, California, in 1997 and managed the restaurant into a successful business until its sales in 2004. He then opened three more Yogis Grill® restaurants and turned them into successful businesses in Garden Grove, Anaheim and Lake Forest, California. All of his restaurants were later sold for profit and are still in business today. Frank is actively involved in both culinary and marketing responsibilities of Yogis Teriyaki & Grill.


Yogis Grill® Nutrition Chart

Nutrition Chart Updated!

New updated Yogis Grill® nutrition chart is available now. Download it today!


Hawaiian Rolls

Distinct in flavor and presentation, Yogis Grill®'s Hawaiian Rolls provides a unique Japanese cuisine experience.


Literally "fried buckwheat" Japanese noodle. It first appeared in food stalls in Japan during the early 20th century