Time and time again, our best sellers.

Beef Bowl

Grilled to perfection with Yogis Grill® Signature Teriyaki sauce

Chicken Bowl

Juicy and tender top quality chicken teriyaki

Crunch Roll

Crisp, crunch, mouth-watering fun with no after-taste

Avocado Roll

Great alternative to pizzas and burgers

Lunch Specials

Every day from 11 AM to 2 PM
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Beef Bowl + 20oz Drink

Yogis Grill®'s best-selling lunch. Perfect lunch for people on-the-go.


Chicken Bowl + 20oz Drink

Crisp, juicy and tender chicken served with steam-cooked rice and Yogis Grill® signature sauce


Chicken & Beef Bowl + 20oz Drink

For those who want to take time to savor both beef and chicken together



Yogis Grill® Nutrition Chart

Nutrition Chart Updated!

New updated Yogis Grill® nutrition chart is available now. Download it today!


Hawaiian Rolls

Distinct in flavor and presentation, Yogis Grill®'s Hawaiian Rolls provides a unique Japanese cuisine experience.


Literally "fried buckwheat" Japanese noodle. It first appeared in food stalls in Japan during the early 20th century

Customer Picks of the Month

  • Gyoza (fried dumplings)

    Sublime combination of a crisp bottom with a tender noodle-like wrapper achieved by frying, steaming and frying again

  • Philadelphia Rolls

    Made with Philadelphia cream cheese, smoked salmon, cucumber, sesame seed, and steam rice with a touch of vinegar

  • Spicy Tuna Rolls

    For those who want to try a spicy dish with clean after-taste of gourmet makizushi-style rolls. Best with Shrimp Tempura.

Our Customers Say ...

  • If you've been searching for a good, quick rice bowl spot, try Yogis Teriyaki. This Japanese restaurant dishes up more sophisticated than most order-at-the-counter places and better-tasting teriyaki, too.

    Crystal Petrocelli @ East Valley Tribune

  • Perfectly steamed rice, awesomely simple grilled chicken, steamed veg (carrots, broccoli, cabbage) and/or a little green salad. Swift, spotless, inexpensive, consistent, delicious, and healthy.

    Amanda @ Yelp

  • Fast food Japanese! It's a much healthier fast food choice. I really like the chicken/beef teriyaki veggie bowl. The regular size is a fairly large portion and reasonably priced.

    K.G. @ yelp

  • When I want something meaty, healthy and still very tasty I come here. You can get a variety of Teriyaki bowls with Chicken, Beef or Veg. Give it a try. Good food at low prices.

    A.J. @ tripadvisor.com